How SIT Happened To Me

I have been a TV host, a speaker, an author, and a natural living expert, but now I’m also a Mom.

In June of 2010, sit happened to me.  Where once I was active, trotting the globe at a million miles an hour, suddenly now I was sitting; sitting while I nurse, sitting while I bathe, sitting while I watch little fingers learn how to put puffs into mouth, and sitting while I watch with wonderment as the joys of motherhood unveil themselves all around me.  Yes, sit happened.  And it was one of the best things that ever has.  Won’t you sit with me?



  1. I’m so thankful of your many blessings. My hubby and I are expected our 1st child around July 4th (soon). Got any tips/suggestion to share?

    1. Be flexible and ready to go with the flow! And pay attention to every single minute.
      Many blessings to you!!!

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