SIT HAPPENS while she experiences air, land and sea

Air – It takes a lot of air coming in to produce the constant string of “words” she spouts out! All day long we narrate what is going on around, “Can you see the leaves?”, “Look at the flowers!”, “More peas?”, “Let’s read it again.”  And so on and so forth.  So it’s no surprise that she has started to narrate too….telling us about her toes, her belly button, her water, her hat, and more.  You might not be able to understand her, but I promise you that I can. It’s one of the greatest gifts given to a Mom…the ability to understand the words when no one else can.

Quick snack before the pool

Land – She mastered the art of standing this week; letting go and feeling her toes yoga-planted firmly into the ground.  Her little legs working hard to hold up the weight of her unbalanced body.  A few steps were taken but I wouldn’t call her a walker yet.

Sea – Ok, so it was more like a pool and this wasn’t her first week in there but it was her first time going all the way under.  It was an accident but we survived.  As she reached for a pool toy her little floatie tipped on over and over she went.  It was less than a second and up I swooped her, she gave a quick cough and was back in the action.  How resilient they are!


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