Ok, it has been a mild one.  No one (around here, anyway) can argue with that.  In fact, we have a friend who slipped on the ice and shattered her ankle, which is especially sad since it’s like she slipped on the one patch of ice on the one day of ice.  Not really, but close.

The thing about winter, though, is the extra time it takes to get out the door.  I know I’m not telling you moms anything new.  But, seriously, it’s like an extra 5 minutes to get ready, which really counts when you’re running late for music class…which I ALWAYS am!

Winter's sweet gift

But once I FINALLY got Silvia suited up the other day I looked down on her sweet face and had to stop, tear up, ooh and aaw, snap a pic….and then get back into gear because we were yet another minute late!

How can you be annoyed by winter when you get to wrap up a sweet little package like this?!


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