Holiday Sit

Nativity_tree2011It’s been a crazy few months; learning I was pregnant and deciding to move half-way across the country all within a week or two will create a little craziness! And then came the packing up and the moving…then the home search and unpacking. Finally yesterday, I heeded my own advice and I sat for an hour. Silvia was down for a nap. For once my computer wasn’t screaming to me. So I picked up my kindle and sat down to read. Of course this pregnant lady could only stay awake for about 20 minutes, so a nap happened in there too. But even when the phone woke me up after only a few minutes of shut eye, I felt 100% refreshed. It was a good reminder of how much we all need to rest and recharge, even for only a few deep breaths, every day, especially during these crazy holi-days.


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