Ask and You Shall Receive

imgresAs moms, we have a right to stand up for the health of our families.  In fact, it’s more than a right, it’s a responsibility.  I’ve built a career (one that is mostly sidelined right now as I stay home with Silvia) around promoting, educating about, and helping people fight for healthier, more natural products and ways to live our lives.

Which is why a few months ago I posted a petition asking people to demand that Graco remove harmful chemical flame retardants from their children’s products…things like stroller and car seats.  They listened!  All it took was the ask.

Then this week because the people at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics asked, Johnson & Johnson has announced that it will reformulate its products and remove some of the “chemicals of concern” found in their adult and baby personal care and cosmetic products.

Now, inspired, Seventh Generation is calling on all personal care and cosmetic companies to “follow the Precautionary Principle” and remove all hazards from all products.  They say there’s no reason it can’t be done since, “we’ve been providing parents and others with products that supply peace of mind for 25 years.”

And now, it’s up to you!  What will you ask for?  Safer parks in your neighborhood?  Cleaner air in your city?  Purer drinking water in your state?  Stricter ingredient and labeling standards  in your country?  More love in your world?

Just ask!  You’ll be surprised by what you’ll get.