Sit out the sick

This week I sat through my first sick kid.
Silvia came down with a fever of 102 Monday evening that persisted through most of the night. By morning it was gone only to rear it’s ugly head once more on Tuesday and again today, on Wednesday.
I took all necessary courses of action: cuddling, singing softly, lots of liquids, chicken noodle soup, blueberries and watermelon (her favorite foods), doctor consultation, finally a little ibuprofen to dull the ache in her head, and more cuddling, books and soft singing.
Last night was a rough one for me as I rocked my sick baby for the first time, aware that she wasn’t feeling like her normal, fantastic self. And this afternoon was more of the same as she fought sleep, opting instead to snuggle on my lap.
In the end, though, I know that it’s just a temporary thing and she’ll be fine. And it has made me once again so grateful that I’m the one at home with her, putting a cool cloth to her forehead, getting her more water, and singing “Baby Mine” for the 15th time in a day. It’s times like these that I love my job: to sit and be mom.



  1. I know exactly what you mean….my daughter had her first migraine headache just recently, and as much as I HATE it when she’s sick, I love being able to be close to her and taking care of her.

    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, rachel. I enjoy my sit WAY more often than just when Silvia is sick. It’s just that it really struck me this week how grateful I am to be the one here with her.

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