An Unfortunate Result of all of this Sitting

Back when my life was glamorous and I would jet-set from my home in Indy to NYC or LA and everywhere in between, I enjoyed a certain perk that comes with all of that traveling: the high-rollin’, frequent flyer, shiny medallion status.

Today, as a result of my year of sitting, I learned that I’ve lost my hard-earned status on my favorite airline. Gone are the days of complimentary upgrades to first class, red carpet service, priority boarding, and winning smiles from the gate agents. For now, I am just like all of the other travelers. I’ll board when they call for us, and I’ll shove myself into whatever seat I was given when the ticket was purchased.

But, there are upsides! At least we don’t carry the road weary look of the platinum status flyers who spend more time in 1A and sipping weak cocktails in airport lounges than they care to admit. No, when we fly it’s a less-than-every-other-day thing, much less, and we do so with style, grace, and maybe even a little bit of patience. We do, right?!

And, of course, there’s an even bigger, greater, more rewarding upside. The less time spent in 1A, means more time at home. For me that means more watermelon moments, and stroller rides, and hours at a time practicing our animal sounds as we flip through the pages of “Brown Bear Brown Bear”.

When it comes to that medallion status, you can keep it. My badge of honor says Mom on it and it’s shinier and way more gratifying than a complimentary glass of wine upon boarding.



  1. way to look at the bright side, sara! plus you do get to board early if you have your little one with you. 🙂

  2. I was all excited the first time I flew with my son, Karson, because we got to board right away. 🙂 Your right, there is nothing better than the ‘Mommy Badge.’ 🙂

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