Connect to the Divine

Last week Silvia and I took to the car for a day-trip to a beautiful, peaceful retreat center located in the heart of the midwest, just outside of Dayton, OH.  Harmony Farms is a place to put your feet up and enjoy a massage and facial, but it’s so much more.  It is also a center where respected teachers conduct healing workshops and it’s a certified biodynamic farm where they grow herbs (eventually to be used in their treatments), vegetables (used by local restaurants), and hay. Located in the woods, is a beautiful 11 circuit labyrinth, made from pavers (based on the Chartres Labyrinth in France). There are a number of gardens and walking paths to enjoy, as well as a grotto with hot tub, waterfall and a gentle stream that flows into the pond.

Here’s what Cheri, one of the two daughters of founders Barbara and Bill Brewer, says about HF.  Harmony Farm is a place of “Being”, a place to step outside the “doing” of life and connect to your own inner wisdom, connect to the Divine within. 

While I like to think that I can “connect to the Divine within” any time I need to through meditation….or maybe a really good glass of wine, sometimes it takes getting away from the business of life.  I hope that you can find a place like Harmony Farms near you.


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