Apples on the Go and on the Sit

Yesterday we embraced the Fall season in full Fall fashion and made our way, despite the hordes of people doing the same, to the apple orchard.

With the trip came three fantastic outcomes:

1 – Silvia got to spend the day with her BFF, Caroline.  They are exactly 6 hours apart in age and have learned together how to walk, make animal noises, crawl on furniture, ride bikes (I say that loosely), and make their moms and dads laugh.  I hope that they know each other all of their lives!

2 – Silvia learned a new word, “appletree,” which she has been saying almost non-stop since then, and she now has a new favorite food.  I think she at two or three yesterday at the orchard (hello, poops) and asked all day for her favorite spoon and an apple.  Silly girl.

3 – Today, Silvia and I spent the most precious 10 minutes sitting in a chair in the kitchen together, sharing an apple.  I’d eat 4 or 5 bites of skin to peel it all away and then she’d take over, her little hands holding the great big apple, biting away.  After a minutes of that, she’d hand it back to me….”mama apple!”

Doesn’t get any better.



  1. We went to the apple orchard on Sunday in South Lyon, MI and had a great time. I love when they taste test the apples at the orchard. They are so hard to resist!

  2. Autumn is so beautiful, crisp, and renewing. I love the picture of Silvia and Caroline spending a fun time together, Silvia discovering a new fruit to enjoy, and also you and Silvia with the dappled sunlight on your faces sharing a special mommy baby moment. These are the sweetest of times.

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