Look who is sitting now

As I stood and packed suitcases for an upcoming trip, here’s what this one was doing. She sat and UNpacked …. drawer after drawer of folded clean clothes.
Tell me though, how can you help but swoop them up into a giant bear hug and a hundred wet kisses?
Some days it’s all about the two steps forward and the inevitable one step back. Isn’t that what being a mom is all about?!



  1. Oh, I agree, Rachel. I actually love the daily messes because it shows her development and the million directions in which her mind works. Today she was taking jars of spices from my baking cupboard and lining them up on her table across the room. It was fun to watch which ones she chose and which she passed up. Interestingly, she has quite an affinity for dried wasabi!

  2. I am the Mom that always runs for the video camera or camera first, before stopping the major mess my Munchkin is making. 🙂 My little guy is only a few months older…this age is so much fun!!!!

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