All of this sitting is rubbing off on my mini-mom

Mini Mom.  That’s got to be Silvia’s new nickname.  I’m sure I had a favorite doll when I was little that I fed and rocked and took everywhere.  I know I had imaginary friends…but that’s a story for another time.  Just remember to ask me about Casla, Semwah and Jomedy.  Uh huh….

For Silvia, it’s all about baby.  Baby goes on stroller rides and bike rides.  She gets kissed and rocked and fed and sang to.  She goes to bed with Silvia and gets up with her in the morning.  And in case we didn’t believe just how attached at the hip the two of them were, these were a few images captured within just a couple of days of each other.

Getting baby some fresh air and sunshine

The "twins" on a bike ride

Napping with Baby...and her other bunk-mates Bear-Bear and Moo-Cow

How we found her this morning - with all of her "ducks" in a row

What can I say?! Sitting with your best friends make you happy!


One comment

  1. So sweet of her being a little Mommy! Great pictures and she’s getting so big! Enjoy the nice weather.

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