My media maven

My little cover girl gettin’ some ink!

The coolest thing about this picture is the globe Silvia is holding.  It was made for me by the art director at the magazine when I did my cover shoot with them a few years ago.  She held on to it all of this time and sent it along for Silvia to hold in her photo shoot.

Indianapolis Monthly_Feb. 2012

Under the photo it reads

Silvia Arlene, 20 months

Mom: National-TV green queen Sara Snow

Nickname: Her dad calls her Sly – his iPhone’s auto-correction of Silvia

Personality: Happy

Likes: Books

Dislikes: Tomato sauce

Big Milestones: At 14-months she cut seven teeth in two weeks – “a rough couple of weeks,” Snow says.

Future Embarrassing Story: During Snow’s 27-hour labor, the hospital lost power four times because of a severe thunderstorm and a tornado.

Like Mom? “She will definitely be a conscientious girl,” Snow says.  “I can already see that awareness of things in her.  She’ll do her part to change the world, I have no doubt.”


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