My media maven

My little cover girl gettin’ some ink!

The coolest thing about this picture is the globe Silvia is holding. ย It was made for me by the art director at the magazine when I did my cover shoot with them a few years ago. ย She held on to it all of this time and sent it along for Silvia to hold in her photo shoot.

Indianapolis Monthly_Feb. 2012

Under the photo it reads

Silvia Arlene, 20 months

Mom: National-TV green queen Sara Snow

Nickname: Her dad calls her Sly – his iPhone’s auto-correction of Silvia

Personality: Happy

Likes: Books

Dislikes: Tomato sauce

Big Milestones: At 14-months she cut seven teeth in two weeks – “a rough couple of weeks,” Snow says.

Future Embarrassing Story: During Snow’s 27-hour labor, the hospital lost power four times because of a severe thunderstorm and a tornado.

Like Mom? “She will definitely be a conscientious girl,” Snow says. ย “I can already see that awareness of things in her. ย She’ll do her part to change the world, I have no doubt.”