Apple of my Eye, Watermelon of my Heart

Remember when I told you about the Watermelon Moments Silvia and I were having?  Remember how I promised that I was going to dress her up as a watermelon for Halloween and that I’d share pictures?  Well, forgive me for being so tardy in the picture sharing but better late than never!!

While I’m not a huge Halloween fan (going door to door collecting candy isn’t really my thing) I was so excited to stuff Silvi into her pink pants and tee and that adorable watermelon tunic and hat! And, I got to do it 4 times!!

The first time was for the Children’s Museum Haunted House VIP preview party.  The place was packed and even though we never made it through the haunted house Silvia had a blast.  What did she like best?  Carrying the bean bags back and forth between the corn hole end zones, of course.  I’ve never understood that game but Silvi took too it right away!  Those poor big kids, though, they had to keep hitting the pause button as Silvia highjacked their game!  Look at the determined look on her face!!

The next time was for the 1-year birthday party our friends Matt and Sheri threw for their son.  It was a Halloween-themed party complete with a bounce house, a dj, catered kids foods and plenty of kids (and adults) in costume.   Ryan and I wore street clothes but not Silvia.  She threw on a smile while I threw on her pink chucks and full get-up again!  What did she like best here?  Well, the mac n cheese was a hit and she loved watching the kids in the bounce house but she had a heyday going down Luke’s little backyard slide!

Third time’s a charm and on Halloween night Silvia sure charmed us all.  We threw her and her best friend Caroline (dressed as a strawberry) in a wagon together and wheeled them down to the neighborhood parade.  Our little fruit basket.  Could they get any cuter?!  She loved the parade, of course.  And she loved the wagon ride with Caroline (let’s be honest, she loves ANYTHING with Caroline).  But she surprised us all by how much she loved handing out candy to the trick or treaters (she didn’t do any t or t’ing herself)!  All in all, she had an absolute blast Halloween night!  And was completely in showoff mode.

The fourth time she wore the costume was the following Friday when we dressed the kids up for play group during my women’s Bible study.  Sorry, I got tired of taking pictures by then but she, like a true performer, never tired of her costume.

I love that little watermelon!!!!

…and the costume was a little big so maybe she can wear it again next year!


Watermelon Moments

Watermelon Moment (noun)  \ˈwȯ-tər-me-lən mō-mənt\

A brief period of time that is uncharacteristically delightful

Silvia digging in!

About a week ago, I found Silvia and I in what I will from here until eternity call a “watermelon moment.”  I had just finished chopping another big watermelon (we go through them weekly here) and had a bowl of the ripe, juicy fruit sitting out.  I popped Silvia up onto the counter so I could put her shoes on (I know, up on the counter is not a smart safety move with a wiggly toddler….just don’t tell her dad, Mister Safety) and she made herself right at home with that bowl of watermelon.

No sooner would she grab one big chunk than she’d take a bite and set it aside and dig in for another.  This went on for minutes amidst much “mmmmmm”ing and exclamations of “numm, numm!”  So at home was she with that big bowl of watermelon, it was as if the whole world was a bowl of melon just for her.  What could I do but grab my iPhone and snap a few pictures?!

A watermelon face-stuffer.....just like her mama!

Some day she’ll be too big to plop up on the counter top.  And some day even sooner, much to our dismay, watermelon will be out of season and we won’t be able to enjoy our favorite food on a daily basis.

Did I mention, by the way, just how much watermelon we eat around here?!  I had to stop myself from eating a whole one, by myself, every day while I was pregnant…. better that than milk shakes, I figure.  And Silvia would come close to that if I would let her.  Soooooo, I’ve decided it’s only fitting that she dress up as a big, ripe watermelon for halloween.  Just ordered the costume.  Stay tuned for those photos!