Food rut no more!!

I can admit when I’ve made a mistake and lately I had let Silvia fall into a food rut. Cries for macaroni were met with, well, macaroni. And “cheese please” brought on cheese. Lots of yellow, brown and white foods with vegetables and fruit for color but not a whole lot beyond green beans, peas and blueberries.
But I’ve broken the rut!!! We’re out!
I simply ignored the requests I’ve been hearing for months and last week plated up vodka sauce (don’t worry….the alcohol cooks out) with grass fed ground beef. This was the first time she actually liked red sauce….I mean, come on, what child doesn’t like marinara sauce?!
Last night it was salmon with dill, potatoes and green beans. And tonight she devoured slow cooked organic pork and about 5 helpings of black beans that had been simmering in anticipation of just such an appetite all day. Along with cucumber slices and blueberries for dessert.
Toddler food ruts are common and we have battled a few illnesses lately but I am supposed to be the “Queen of Green” afterall.
I’m just glad Silvia is cooperating in maintaining my image. 🙂

20120417-183917.jpg 20120417-184027.jpg


  1. Just wanted to say congrats on your family! It will be great watching you raise Silvia. I have a 5 month old Eva & a 3 yr old Noelani & it’s nice watching someone like you just be a mom. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  2. My kids are in a definite food rut. Anything with cheese is ok with them! My younger son will eat pretty much anything (as long as it comes from anyone else’s plate but his) but my oldest son is super picky — but getting somewhat better….he won’t touch tomatoes or marinara with a 10 ft pole! So I guess he is the exception to the marinara comment in your post! Recently, their fav food is baby spinach cooked with melted vermont sharp cheddar. They will eat a whole plate of just that. Otherwise it’s grilled cheese and more grilled cheese (in which I hide pureed butternut squash in the cheddar, yum!) 🙂 Love reading your posts!

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